DX ES Alloy Mazinger Z Impact version DX ES01


  • $139.99

Product Description:

Mazinger Z Impact version in ES style!

  • Detachable Die-cast armor part
  • Full internal structure for display
  • Light up Chest Fire parts included (batteries not included)
  • Rocket Punch light up effect parts included (batteries not included)
  • Light up head included(batteries not included)
  • Optional Clear/Painted Chest fire parts included
  • Pilders included to perform the Pilder-On feature
  • Varies types of Fist included.
  • Full Articulation
  • Stand ~18 cm tall
  • Die-cast parts
  • Stand/Base included

License: < Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! >

Materials: Die-cast, ABS, POM, PVC

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